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Kingston Public Access Tv - General start date moved 1 week to 10/12

An email from the Kingston Public Access Tv, KAPAC Chair, Mercedes Ross.

Dear Producers,

We had another successful test of our station yesterday. The broadcast of prerecorded shows worked in the same way it has for the last two studio spaces. So, the good news is that no instruction will be needed for producers who had a show when the station went off the air.

In regard to the live broadcast test that we did last Monday, the signal test (audio & video) was a success but the equipment still needs some additional set up so more testing may be needed (not to mention cleaning & dusting). If you would like to be involved in the testing and set up, please let me know. We can always use the help especially if you have some technical skills or a truck.

The calendar is working but we need an antivirus software before it can be updated again. I will be talking to Jeremy Ellenbogen on Monday morning regarding this and if needed I will buy the software myself.

For those who have asked, t…

Boom Boom

Formerly owned by the Catskill Game Farm in New York State, Boom Boom was auctioned to the highest bidder, along with 1,000 other animals, when the game farm went out of business. MORE..