Saturday, October 30, 2010


Solar-powered bus sign sculpture designed by Poughkeepsie artist Franc Palaia for the Ulster County Transportation Center.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Woodstock Public Access TV Channel 23

WoodstockTV on USTREAM: Public Access community television. Municipal TV.. 7pm – 8pm. Elliot Auerbach discusses the job of Comptroller along with his issues for the upcoming election.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ulster County Board of Elections New Voting Machine (video)

Election Commissioners, Kathleen Carey Mihm (D) and Thomas F. Turco (R) (right) Photos/Video by Clark Richters

The ImageCast is a ballot marking device that allows a voter with disabilities to privately and independently vote on a paper ballot. Audio and tactile interfaces allow voters with sight challenges to complete their ballot. more.

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Friday, October 15, 2010


World Series and NY Giants Broadcasts at Risk

(Kingston, NY) Assemblymember Kevin Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) is insisting that representatives from Cablevision Systems Corporation and News Corporation provide access to full programming for his constituents while they negotiate for a new contract. The current agreement between the two corporations expires today, and if no agreement is made, customers will be denied viewing privileges to WNYW and WWOR (NY channels 5 and 9) which are home to very popular fall sports line ups, including the World Series.

“New York fans should not have to suffer through a stand-off between two corporate giants while being robbed of the opportunity to watch the real Giants stifle opposing offenses or Derek Jeter take on Roy Halladay or Tim Lincecum,” said Kevin Cahill. “I hope News Corporation and Cablevision can settle their differences without dragging their paying viewers into the middle of their dispute.”

“The stakes for consumers are particularly high given that WNYW will air the National League Championship Series and then the World Series, where in all likelihood, the winner of the NLCS will be facing our New York Yankees,” Assemblymember Cahill said. “WNYW is also the carrier of many New York Giant games following the October 15, 2010 expiration. Whatever differences the parties have over price or terms, under no circumstances should the programming on WNYW and WWOR– and its exclusive sports broadcasts – be denied to New York fans.”

Cablevision and News Corp. have been in a battle over increased fee charges for this year – a hike from $70 million to $150 million – that in turn has led to a standoff between the two companies.

“Viewers deserve full access to the programming for which they have paid and expect to receive. In no way should they be forced to suffer on account of this dispute. New York fans are passionate about their sports teams and to prohibit their access to the biggest events of the season is just not fair,” said Assemblymember Cahill.

NEWS RELEASE: October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

YouTube - StateofPolitics's Channel: Warren Redlich (10/11/2010)

Warren Redlich quoted on his website, "Thruway Authority: The bonds were paid off in the 1990s. It is long past time to close down the Thruway Authority and get rid of the tolls. Its functions would be handled by DoT. The Thruway is a small portion of the total state highways, and its maintenance can be easily absorbed by DoT. Removing the tolls would have environmental and safety benefits as well."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - Times Herald-Record - Record Newswatch - Times Herald-Record - Record Newswatch Featured in today's edition of Record Newswatch (video) Oct. 6, 2010 - Police launch a search for Richard Giga, the man accused of fatally stabbing a security officer at the Renaissance Project drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the Town of Wawarsing; an additional indictment has been handed up against Tuxedo Park murder suspect Jesse Green and Kingston's proposed cat law is dead. (video)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NEWS: George Phillips Accuses Hinchey of Ducking Debates‏

From: Jazz Shaw, Director of Communications, Phillips for Congress.


Endwell, New York

George Phillips, candidate for Congress in New York's 22nd district, held a press conference in Binghamton, New York this afternoon. Following are comments from this event as prepared for delivery.

"Today we were informed that Maurice Hinchey has backed out of a debate which was being planned for Broome Community College this month. This happened despite previous assurances from his campaign staff that he would meet us for public debates. The excuse given was that the location was 'outside the district' but the distance is very small and this venue has been used in the past for many local debates, including one held in the 2008 election.

"This is very unfortunate, as the voters have questions and they deserve answers. An incumbent in this position can do one of two things: they can run on their record or they can run away from the debate. And Congressman Hinchey has no record to stand on. He's wrong about health care and his party's reform package which has become understandably unpopular. He's wrong on the massive debt his party has run up, including the massive stimulus which did little or nothing to stem job losses and built up record deficits. He was wrong to vote against defense appropriations bills when so many of our jobs in the Southern Tier depend on that industry. And he's wrong on taxes. It's no accident that Nancy Pelosi and Maurice Hinchey ran home from Washington recently without taking any action on the current tax rates which are due to expire early next year. They're planning- either in a lame duck session after the elections are over or in January- to raise taxes on many Americans, including small business owners who can provide so many of the jobs we desperately need.

"Maurice Hinchey needs to answer these questions before, not after the election. I'm ready to debate him any time, anywhere. But so far we're not getting the answers our citizens deserve."
NEWS RELEASE: 10/5/2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

YouTube - eileenwilson09's Channel: 2010 Ulster County Elections: Get Ready, Peter Rooney Is Coming! 2010 Ulster County Elections: Get Ready, Peter Rooney Is Coming Ulster County is about to be relieved of massive unemployment, outrageous taxes and a terrible and rising crime rate the moment that Peter Rooney wins in November.