Thursday, June 9, 2011

Board of Assessment Review Meeting Closed to the Public (Videos) Kingston, Ny

Board of Assessment Review members (from the city's website) James Rodden, Ken Brett, John Simek, Bernard Matthews and Wayne D. Platte, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Sue them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Clark,
You can call the Office of Real Property Services for New York and make a complaint if warranted. Here's the website, call them.

This comes from that site:

In conclusion, records submitted to a board of assessment review, either as part of an originally filed complaint or in response to a board's demand, are available for public inspection and copying pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law unless the particular record fits within one or more of the exceptions specified in such law.

December 24, 2002

Clark Richters said...

Thanks, 10:54:00 PM The video is a record of the Board of Assessment Review Meeting on THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011.

Open Meeting Law FAQ

Anonymous said...

The public hearings of Boards of Assessment Review (i.e. Grievance Day hearings)are open to the public, however, the deliberations conducted by Boards of Assessment Review in which the BAR discusses specific cases are not open to the public because Boards of Assessment Review are quasi-judicial bodies and such deliberations are exempt from the NYS Open Meetings Law under section 108(1) of that statute.

Anonymous said...

What do expect - these guys are all City employees or related to employees - they are political yes men - if the Charter's requirement for an ethics panel was ever done - this would come out.